NPS Advisory

Introduction and Philosophy
The Narragansett Pier School provides a nurturing environment that is child-centered and conducive to the unique learning needs of adolescents.  Advisor/Advisee programs are considered to be an essential element of developmentally responsive middle schools. It has been established that when students make lasting connections with one adult, academic and personal outcomes improve.  At the Pier School, teachers and guidance counselors together will implement an advisor/advisee program that is designed to provide support and caring throughout our students’ middle school years.  Each child within the school will establish a positive relationship with at least one adult in the school.  The Pier School is committed to provide time weekly for teachers to connect in a personal way with a small group of students to provide advice and encouragement.  Because we believe that our students need to be life-long learners, work cooperatively with others, appreciate diversity, and become active, responsible citizens, we believe the advisor/advisee program will be instrumental in our students’ positive academic and personal development. Through meaningful activities, the advisor/advisee program will further develop our students’ sense of belonging with adults, other students, and the community.


The mission of the Narragansett Pier Middle School Advisor-Advisee Program is to provide time for students to connect with a caring adult who will help support their academic and personal development.

Our vision is for the advisor-advisee group to foster and develop an atmosphere of community, a sense of belonging, and a positive school climate as our students support each other through the challenges of the middle school years.