Grade 5 Enrichment

Grade 5 - Genius Hour

Genius Hour is a time that students will be allowed to develop their own inquiry question about whatever it is they want to explore. Students develop these questions based on their interests, passions, or even based on something that they are wondering about. Students in Genius Hour become disseminators of knowledge rather than just consumers. This course is designed to be student-centered, blended and personalized learning.

Selected students will work through the research process, step-by-step as a class then apply each step to his or her topic or problem of choice. Through the research process, students will begin to gain perspective and knowledge on the interest they chose to explore. Students will then brainstorm what type of output will best display the research or a solution to a problem, develop an action plan, and carry out that action plan locally. Genius Hour will commence with “TED Talk” - like presentations from each of our students where they present their research, self-selected products and their community action plan to their peers, siblings, parents, and stakeholders in the community. Parents will be invited to view these presentations at the end of the Genius Hour project toward the end of the school year.

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