SOAR Enrichment Qualifications

work together to create extraordinary projects and
dig deeper into the meaning of education


-Marissa, 8th Grade Enrichment Student 2012


Every student at the Pier School brings his or her own set of unique gifts and talents. Every student has the ability to learn and their own preferences for how and when they learn. The SOAR Enrichment period allows students who have an extraordinary thirst for learning to be challenged beyond the regular curriculum.


We have found that students who display the following aptitudes and characteristics are the most successful in balancing and excelling in the challenges of the SOAR enrichment classes along with the challenges of the regular classroom and commitments outside of school:



  • 4 NECAP Math
  • 4 NECAP Reading
  • Proficient with Distinction MAP Math
  • Proficient with Distinction (Or Above average) MAP Reading
  • 90% or above Academic Average


*PARCC testing has also been taken into consideration for the years that it has been relevant


Behavioral Characteristics: (Assessed through teacher, parent** and/or peer*** recommendation. These characteristics are derived from the SRBCSS: Scales for Rating the Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students)


  • Potential Towards Leadership
  • Contribution to the Success of a Group
  • Perseverance/Task Commitment
  • Exhibition of Creativity

  Selection Process

Each SOAR class has a maximum capacity of 25 students. Therefore, the academic and behavioral information as explained above is compiled and sorted to select the 25 students that would be the most successful in SOAR enrichment while maintaining their regular commitments in the classroom and outside of school.

As is true with any rating or evaluation system that involves students, some are inevitably missed in the process. We attempt to address this issue by continually re-evaluating our student body in order to address the needs of every student at Pier. Students are re-evaluated at the end of every school year to create a SOAR population for the next. During the school year, some students opt out of programming and some students can opt in if an opening is available.

We also believe that parent, peer, and self- nominations are valuable ways to ensuring the needs of our students are met during their time at Pier:

Parent/Guardian Nomination

You know your kids best. We invite parents to recommend their children whom they believe would benefit from enrichment services. If you feel your child should receive enrichment services above and beyond what is provided in the regular classroom, through enrichment teacher - classroom teacher collaboration and after school programming, and your child has not previously received or is not currently receiving enrichment services, please fill out the **Parent/Guardian Nomination Form for Enrichment Services.

Peer Nomination

It is not rare for students to recognize talents and potential in their peers that adults may not. There have been several students who have been re-evaluated and then given the opportunity to join an enrichment SOAR class on the recommendation of a friend. If a student feels strongly about a fellow classmate, we invite them to share their thoughts through the ***Peer Nomination Form for Enrichment Services.


Self-advocacy is one of the most important skills you can master in middle school! If you think you’d enjoy the challenge of being a part of SOAR Enrichment, fill this out: