Stefanie Mezzanotte

[email protected]

School Counselor

Grades 5-8

Jennifer Benson

[email protected]

School Psychologist

Rebecca Angell 

[email protected]

District Social Worker

Christine Farinick

[email protected]

Student Assistance Counselor

The Mission of the Narragansett School Counseling Program is to ensure that all students in grades 5-8 will acquire the competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) needed for academic, career and personal/social development in preparation for meaningful participation as responsible citizens in a complex, changing world.

We visit classrooms, meet with groups and individuals, and help our students learn social skills that they will use throughout their lives.  Together with students, parents and faculty, we strive to create a positive environment that encourages respect for all members of the school community and encourages an atmosphere of academic success.