Frequently Asked Questions

Our guidance counselors would like to answer some of the questions that they are most frequently asked concerning some of the programs that run at the Pier School.   Stefanie Mezzanotte gladly welcomes any parental questions or input.

What resources are available to my son or daughter if they need extra help in a subject?

All of our teachers offer extra help sessions to their students and are always willing to work within a student’s daily schedule to set up a mutually convenient time for those meetings.  During our schedule most students have one or two periods when they can receive extra help from a teacher.  If those periods cannot be used then, an after school appointment can be set up with appropriate notice.  The school provides a late bus on Tuesday and Thursday; so many teachers schedule their extra help for those days.

What is homework club and how can I sign my child up for it?

Homework club is an after school opportunity that is open to all students who need assistance to complete assignments.  It is held on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-3:30.   There is one club for grades 5 and 6 and another for grades 7 and 8.  Each room has two teachers who provide assistance in all subjects.  Although teachers frequently recommend that a student should attend homework club, any parent may request an enrollment form directly from the main office. 

What are working papers and how can my child get them?

Any child that reached the age of 14 is eligible to apply for a working permit. This process involves two steps.  After securing a potential job, a child must obtain The Intent to Employ a Minor Form from their guidance counselor which will then have to be read and signed by the child’s parents/guardians and the perspective employer.  Upon returning this completed form to the guidance counselor, the student and the counselor will fill out the Special Limited Permit to Work that is issued by the RI Department of Labor and Training.  This form contains important information about the maximum number of hours a student may work.  Once this form is completed it may be taken to the perspective employer and the student may begin working.