Booster Club

The Narragansett Pier Middle School Athletic Booster Club was formed for the purpose of assisting the Athletic Director at NPS with fundraising support for all athletic programs, to provide support when needed, to encourage positive scholastic attitude and to promote good sportsmanship and school spirit.

As you are aware, the dedication and time involved for these student athletes is tremendous.  What you may not be aware of are the exorbitant costs for many of the related expenses not covered by current school budgets. Equipment, uniforms and sometimes buses are not funded by the school.

Why all this information?  It is imperative that everyone realizes where this funding comes from.  It comes from the Pier Middle School Booster Club.   The Booster Club holds fundraisers each year to help support the programs needs, with the initial fundraiser being a membership drive to join our organization.

As more and more communities are eliminating some or all of their middle school athletic programs, let’s insure a long and successful program here in Narragansett.
For only $15.00 per family you will become a member to this wonderful organization.  Whether or not you are an active member depends on your availability and constraints, but the small initiation fee is vital for the Booster Club to continue aiding athletics.  We would also gladly accept and appreciate any additional support that your family would be able to contribute to our children and their programs.

Please complete the membership form and return it to the Pier School Office with your dues as soon as possible.

Make checks payable to: NPS Athletic Booster Club.