NPS Letter from the Principal

NPS Letter from the Principal
Posted on 03/20/2020

Hello Pier Families,

I hope this finds everyone well.  

On Monday we start our first day of distance learning.  Teachers have been very creative and thoughtful in preparing for this new way of learning.  While nothing will replace being in school and seeing teachers and friends, our hope is that your student can keep learning and have activities that are meaningful.

Students will access their school work through PowerSchool learning.  They should engage in all the classes they would have on Monday, and then on Tuesday, Tuesday’s classes. They can move through the work and classes as they would each day. 

Our hope is your student will complete the day’s work by the end of our normal school day, whenever possible.  However, I am keenly aware that many family’s routines are turned upside down. 

Your feedback to us on how this rolls out for you and your student is very valuable.  Please keep it coming.

As a reminder, our school nurse Peg Fair [email protected] , guidance counselor  Stefanie Mezzanotte [email protected] , and psychologist Jenn Benson [email protected], as well as Jake Bromberg tech support [email protected] are available to support students and families as we navigate time away from school and distance learning.    

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Regards, Marianne